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Nicaragua | Commissioners | MATAGALPA 12-31 | ST George Jan 2
San Jorge 2 Enero
Boy Scouts Herms District

After a day travelling to Leon and a beautiful beach nearby, we returned to the Casa Ave Maria in Managua on Jan 1 (with a new Mercedes van to replace the Toyota with a cracked radiator.)


11 AM arrived at American Embassy in Managua and met with Ambassador Barbara Moore for an hour. A career foreign service person, she is working with the new president of Nicaragua, the Assembly and many individuals groups and businesses to help the country recover from the civil war and a very poor economy.


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After our usual presentation  exchange of songs  we passed out beany babies to some 48 shildren from 0 to 7 years. Many Mesquito Indians from the eastern part.  Played with ninos and met with Sr Phyllis who showed us the new chapel just finished varnish on doors dry  donated by the Catholic Church in Danville, CA



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Staying in guest houses of Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos HQ compound in San Jorge just a stones throw from ferry landing for Omotepe Island out in Lake Nicaragua, where tomorrow we will visit another NPH facility and see petroglyphs and an active volcano. Then back to Managua to prep for camporee.