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Scouts, Arrowmen, Venturers and Chaplain's Aides

Be Prepared (Siempre listo)  Plan your Scouts Own Service before your event

THe new name for this is Interfaith Worship

Choose a song or two and some readings.

Have a Scoutmaster do a real scoutmasters minute on an appropriate topic.

It's better to share readings and prayers from a variety of religions, rather than to water down your own stuff so that it wont offend anyone.  Then, it's called Interfaith Worship.

Try to pick something from

  • Judaism

  • Christianity- Catholic, Protestant and Evangelical

  • Islam

  • Buddhism

  • Baha'i

  • Native American and earth beliefs

Here are the first few hits from for "scouts own" 

The MacScouter's Big A Scout is Reverent Resource Book


What is a Scouts Own?  Compiled by. Liam Moreland

An anthology of inspirational material, for use in putting together Scouts Own ceremonies. 

Vespers from Pine Tree Camp--A Scouts' Own Observance (beginning of a Brownsea experience)